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Marc Bombenon: SureCall

We will update this page soon regarding Marc Bombenon and SureCall in Calgary, Alberta. The following Marc Bombenon bio will serve as content until we update.

For Marc Bombenon, being CEO of PDL Contact Centres Ltd. is just one of the many hats he has to wear. He is the Past Canadian Regional Chair for the World Presidents Organization (WPO), Vice-Chair at Bordeaux Properties, Inc. and CEO at SureCall. Marc Bombenon is known for having started companies in the food and beverage industry, aviation, and telecommunications. He also generously served on many boards both public and private, including the board of the non-profit organization World Presidents Organization and the health-related Alberta Cancer Foundation. He also served on the Canadian Football League sports franchise lottery board.

Educated at Concordia University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, Marc Bombenon took up Business Administration, Marketing and Psychology, a very far cry from his passions of airplane flying, martial arts, scuba diving, collecting automobiles, and body building. In his published profile, he lists his expertise in the fields of Telecommunications, Non-profits, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Customer Relations, Entrepreneurship, and Customer Service. His skills include business strategy, helping start-ups, new business development, public speaking, negotiation, coaching and problem solving.

The name Marc Bombenon is synonymous to specializations, including being a rotary wing pilot and a fixed wing jet pilot. He is a certified PADI rescue diver and underwent extensive martial arts training. His work as Vice-Chair of Bordeaux Properties in Calgary, Alberta involves him in the land development company’s various activities in housing and real estate because of the company’s present significant Canadian projects. Aside from all his business talents and specializations, Mr. Bombenon also speaks fluent French.

Since 2002, Marc Bombenon has been serving as CEO of SureCall in Calgary, Canada. A Contact Centre assisting professionals and businesses for greater profitability, SureCall is client centric all days of the year and all hours of the day. For SureCall, communications never sleep and they can manage the demands of new or established businesses for round-the-clock communications, or communications after working hours when the regular employees are resting or asleep.

At present Mr. Bombenon’s attention is focused on PDL Contact Centres Ltd of Calgary, Canada as its CEO, a position he has held since July 1982. In September of 2011, PDL received the exclusive Award of Excellence from the Canadian Call Management Association or CAM-X in its 47th Annual Convention and Trade Show held in Montreal. This award has been won by PDL for fifteen years consecutively.

CAM-X use independent judges in judging and evaluating North American message services for six months with scoring based on courtesy, accuracy, response time and overall client services. A company who scores 80% or more in ALL categories wins the much coveted Excellence Award. In 2011, PDL Contact Centres was awarded the Diamond Plus award for their unbroken record for fifteen years.

Other awards won by PDL include the Consumers’ Choice Award (CCA) in the Telephone Message Centre category in 2002 through 2009. In 2004, CAM-X awarded PDL Mobility and Call Center with the Tom Ryan Award recognizing the company for Integrity, Ethics and Quality Above All. In addition, PDL Contact Centres Ltd. garnered 6 awards at the 3rd Annual Contact Center World Awards in 2008 held in Orlando, Florida. The six 2008 Top Performance categories included Finalist as Best Contact Centre with 51-249 agents, Finalist in Best Community Spirit, Finalist in Best Customer Service, Allan Varrette Finalist as Best Contact Centre Support Professional IT, Silver Medalist for Desiree Bombenon as Best Contact Centre Leader and Janine Bombenon as Winner in the Best Contact Centre Support Professional HR.

The Alberta Chamber of Commerce, representing over 22,000 businesses composed of a federation of 127 Chambers of Commerce also awarded PDL the e-Business Award of Excellence for Innovation and Technology. PDL also ranked 8th out of 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada, as one of the best places to work.

Even at the early years of PDL Mobility, founder Marc Bombenon started creating a family. This ideal work environment as he envisioned propelled PDL into the heights of achievement it has reached over 30 years in business. The principle of having employees as company ambassadors and a corporate culture that pursues knowledge and education as well as promoting and nurturing exemplary performance resulted in the success of PDL Contact Centres Ltd. as we know it today.

From its small beginnings as a paging service in the early 1980s, PDL became a call centre and in 1988 it offered alpha dispatch services. In 1986, Mr. Bombenon started PDL Mobility and quickly became the largest cellular dealer in Calgary. The company offers lots of training and bonding opportunities for its employees, making the workplace a very strong family-like atmosphere. The entire company management inspire their team and lend their presence to give them motivation to excel in their work even more.

All PDL employees are provided extensive training the moment they get accepted as part of the family, but the learning process is continuous. Clients of PDL Contact Centres are in Canada and the US. Mainly clients that are enterprise level to midsize are the ones served by PDL. PDL services outbound and inbound clients needs using email and the telephone, providing huge savings to clients while enabling increased services with old and new clients, 24/7/365 in a cost effective and immediately scalable solution.

PDL provides reservation lines, emergency response, tier one help desk, sales order desks, after hours business coverage, client care centre, service dispatch in various industries, warranty processing and other services the industry demands. The PDL efficiency and expertise ensures that clients only pay for services rendered to the minute. This is virtually 100% productivity that is immediately scalable, whether the service is for only one contact or various simultaneous contacts. With PDL, you only pay 30-40% of the cost of a full-time employee, but you receive full-time coverage ensuring excellent service and client satisfaction. With PDL Contact Centres, your company stays open and profitable at every hour of the day or night.